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Manitou Springs has long been known as a spiritual hot spot. From the healing waters of the local springs to the town's patron spirit, the benevolent Emma Crawford, whose life--and afterlife--is celebrated annually at Halloween, Manitou Springs takes pride in its legends and legendary residents. Join haunted tour guide Stephanie Waters as she uncovers the stories behind some of Manitou's most famous ghostly tales: the historic spirit lights on Pikes Peak, the specters of Red Stone Castle where poor Emma's sister went mad, and the phantoms of the stately Cliff House and Briarhurst manor.

Established in 1871 a resort community and logical stop on the growing railroad line winding its way through the state, Colorado Springs is a city with a long history. Dubbed "Little London," the city soon featured high end lodging and dining as well as interesting tourist attractions and healing springs. Old landmarks like the Broadmoor Hotel (opened in 1918 and still in operation today) Antlers Hotel (opened in 1883, rebuilt after a tragic fire, and eventually demolished in the 1960s--now the site of a modern Hilton), and Bruin Inn (built in 1881 at Helen Hunt Falls, only a small building remains and serves as the visitors center to the Falls today), offer eerie tales of the unexplained and paranormal. The nearby university and the one time red light district (two different locations) are also supposed to be supernatural hot spots.

Wild characters, diverse cultures, spooky myths and slippery sales schemes color Colorado's past. In a place where shameless showdowns and dusty shootouts over money, drink and women were once standard procedure, storytelling around campfires became an integral part of a rich heritage. From the jackalope and vampires to Indian curses and snake oil salesmen, the Centennial State has it all. Weirder still are the strange but true stories like that of the first body buried in La Junta's Fairview Cemetery, a man who landed there for refusing alcohol to a kid, and that of the hotel in Telluride that once offered a promotion that included funeral costs with your stay. While history may have neglected these silly, seedy and salacious stories, author Stephanie Waters has rediscovered Colorado's best forgotten tales.

Colorado is steeped in stories as unique as the people who settled it. Each wave of exploration and settlement brought new tales to explain the mysteries of this incomparable place. With extreme weather and breathtaking landscapes, it seems only natural that Colorado could play host to UFOs, stripper lightning and the Fountain of Love. From creation myths and rumored Aztec treasure to snow snakes and drunken house flies, professional yarn-spinner Stephanie Waters turns an eye to the ancient lore of the Centennial State.